Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, when I saw what this song was called I immediately thought “oof, I don’t think this is for me”. However, I am also adult enough to admit that I was so unbelievably wrong. This song, from the moment it starts, weasels its way in your ear and won’t leave, and frankly that’s the best thing it could do.

Simultaneously being a song you want to hear blast at a club and being a song you want to play while getting ready with your friends and being a song you blast while cleaning your house to make it more bearable, this song really brings it all. It steps up. It’s one of those songs that one the first listen, you don’t even really pay attention to the lyrics because musically it is just so good and so fun to just vibe to you. However, upon listening to it again (and again, and again, and trust me, you will), you pay more attention to the lyrics. The song itself is about, according to WOLF, what it means to be a good partner and what it means to be sexy, and whether or not that really is a good thing, whether or not that’s actually a goal to have.

It’s an incredibly interesting concept with an incredibly interesting sound to accompany it. Rather than being a song that lectures you on whatever it’s trying to make you think about, the song is fun, it’s infectious, like I said, it’s the type of song you’d want to hear at a club, where people go to generally feel sexy. However, the lyric talks about how once a relationship is falling apart, it’s hard to mend, but is that something that entices someone? Is that kind of angry energy something some people want? Like in the song, “does it make you feel sexy”? The song goes on to talk about missing these red flags and ultimately deciding the relationship isn’t worth the trouble.

For a song that sounds as fun as it does, I think it’s so cool that the song also manages to bring up this really compelling and interesting take on relationships and feeling sexy. With pop music today, the goal tends to be sex appeal and feeds into the desire to be sexy, WOLF turns it on its head in a way that is so infectious you won’t be able to help yourself from having this song on repeat.

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