Write For Us

Earlier this year, Sounds Good took a big step by branching out to others and becoming a TEAM. It’s been great as it allows more music to be featured, and for the longest time the blog was only saying “Lion Bars are good!” but now it can finally say “Lion Bars AND Fruit Pastilles are good!”.


If you’d like to join Sounds Good as a contributor, you can either email myself at adam@soundsgoodblg.com or drop me a DM on Twitter. If you’ve written for other publications, please include it in your message as I’d love to check it out!

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a paid position, but I wouldn’t be expecting you to write a certain amount or feature certain releases. Feel free to write about whatever you like, whenever you like! Everyone who’s got involved in writing for Sounds Good are wonderful, so it’d be great to continue building the crew and keeping the good music and good vibes going.

Thank you for even considering Sounds Good as a potential place for your words. I look forward to hearing from you!