Yammerer / New Single / “Airport”

Airport” is the new single from Yammerer and also the lead single from their upcoming EP Reality Escape Resort. I’d love to book a couple nights there. You could have a room that has no money, no wrong opinions and – perhaps most importantly – houses residents that do not wish to converse with you. Just leave me alone with the bottomless supply of pizza and that’s it. Pure bliss.

With a prance around the genre of Post Punk, Yammerer do not fret to stick to the brief. “Airport” scatters and struts its way through the airwaves with numerous off-kilter guitar riffs and noodles that seem to untether immediately. The frantic delivery of the vocals really adds to the fleeting descent into delusion, adding further chaos to the track, and I’m impressed by the commitment to groove that the rhythm section stands by. “Airport” is one hell of a listen, one that makes me want to book an extra week at the resort.

Listen to “Airport” below and check out Yammerer on Facebook.

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