Yawners is the project of Elena Nieto, and accompanied by Martín Muñoz on drums has delivered their new album Just Calm Down. The Spanish songstress harvests strong influences from the 90s with references to Weezer and Pavement and throws them into a modern output that also comes with a sense of down to earthiness that really helps the new record shine.

The accessibility on this record is ridiculous. Nieto tackles topics that occur in everyday life, especially in the teenage, coming-of-age phase. “The Friend Song” skirts around the complication of the friendzone and the unnecessary pressure that comes with having to tell someone you only like them as a friend. This punchy explosion of guitars upon guitars upon guitars provides a care-free instrumental that’s gloriously unapologetic, and sets up the overall vibe that this record is anything but calm. Solid development is shown towards the end of the record as Nieto then questions her ability to be seen as anything but a friend on “Arcos Iris”. Nice.

Lead single “Please, Please, Please” drags itself out of bed as its lead melody is depicted as heavy feet, before coming alive with a chorus that’s simple but effective in kicking you in the gut. Its Weezer-esque crunch is backed by a J Mascis-like woe which together forms a single that sticks in your head forever. Similar to the vibes of “Seaweed”, which sees Nieto deal with an ex-boyfriend addicted to weed, it bears an ability to provide some of the most entertaining choruses around.

Just Calm Down is a superb album from Yawners. It’s simply ten tracks that illustrate the section of life we’ve all experienced before and does so in a way that comes packed with fantastic, catchy hooks throughout. Not every record needs to come with an existential crisis, and this one does good on celebrating what it means to just….be.


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