Year of the Tiger / Debut EP – One

One is the debut EP of Year of the Tiger, a band from Southern California. I quite like the idea of numerically naming your work. It provides an official vibe to proceedings. I’ve started doing it for the amount of hairs that fall off of my head, and am currently at 11,794.

With a sound that blends the crunch of Garage Rock with the upbeat mood of Indie Pop, One is an EP that warms the heart while also making you feel like you can take on the world. The opening sounds of “Cool Kids Pool Party” transforms your surroundings into one full of colour and vibrancy, with massive horns and tropical percussion that tangle you up and hold you in place while the vocals apply direct sunshine into your soul. It leads nicely into “Part Time Lover”, which maintains the sunny vibes but adds a gnarly riff or two to the mix.

The bright, acoustic chords of “Anthem” ensure the EP flows with ease, especially during its chorus which showcases the band’s knack for creating some truly catchy moments.  Even the closing track “Give You the Time” makes sure to send you home with a couple hooks for the road.

One is a great EP from Year of the Tiger. It’s a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and offers so many hooks and grooves that it always guarantees a good time. Seriously, I’ve been spinning it regularly and have enjoyed it every time. So good.

Listen to One below and check out Year of the Tiger on Instagram and Twitter.  

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