‘magic on my pillow’ is the latest single from Yellow Shoots, who has also just released his debut album Everything. It’s quite enjoyable hearing about what kind of materials end up on people’s pillows. Some have pillowtalk, others have magic, and I…have sweat. I’ve been meaning to change my bedsheets.

Much like the rest of the new record, ‘magic on my pillow’ dabbles in a touch of RnB to add some real smooth sounds into the airwaves. Occasional bass notes pulsate in amongst layers of wishy washy guitars and synthesisers, all while Yellow Shoots’ raspy falsetto directs the music to bloom into this wondrous, jazzy instrumental. It’s catchy, it’s sexy and I love the addition of piano towards its close. Very cool.


  1. Yellow Shoots was one of the very first artists I featured on my blog back in its infancy. He reached out to me for a review, and since I really liked his music, I wrote a glowing one. He barely acknowledged it, nor did anything to help promote it, and because my blog and social media accounts had few followers back then, literally no one read it. He eventually unfollowed me.

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