YOG$ has been steadily building a name for himself. The Michigan-born singer-songwriter burst onto the scene with debut single ‘Kylie Jenner’ which reached a tremendous reaction of gaining serious playlist spots, streams and even the leading lady herself posting a video of herself listening to it. That’s no doubt quite the accolade to receive, even if her sister tried to tackle social justice with a can of Pepsi.

Today we rave about YOG$ new single ‘Alive’. This time collaborating with Quinn XCII, this single is all about the eventual enveloping that comes with being in love, and how two people become one (I believe the Spice Girls said that) soul. It’s a beautiful topic, and one that’s reflected wonderfully here. A smooth, RnB tone inhabits sombre acoustic guitars with wishy washy melodies and drums that seem to snap and blip throughout. YOG$’s vocals meander through the layers, laying down heartfelt lyricism that’s always goes down smooth.

This is a love song that doesn’t overwhelm the airwaves with cringe and focuses on bringing some grooves and an upbeat tempo to the ears instead. ‘Alive’ is a subtle, but composed little banger and has certainly stirred some emotions inside.

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