Young & Sick is the groove-oriented project of Nick van Hofwegen and this is his new single “Jet Black Heart”. With an EP on the way in the spring, this new jam looks to give us a taste of what to expect and you know what we expect? Something that’s gonna kick our arse with vibes. Vibes upon vibes upon vibes, my friends.

On the new track, Nick describes, “JET BLACK HEART is a song about all consuming love. The kind who’s intensity paralyses you. The sort that makes you lose it completely. It’s the LOVE I feel for making music and art.” This is perfectly illustrated by the wondrous intro, which surrounds the atmosphere with a dazzling display of House and Dance sounds, shimmering synths and vocal samples that seem to levitate into the air.

“Jet Black Heart” is a superb little banger and one that features crystal clear production that allows each layer to sound even better. Love truly IS all around.

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