One of the top reasons of why I love music blogging is that, outside of the hot babes and the hard drugs, your new favourite artist is always round the corner. It’s only after it hits you that you go “whoah, this is good”, and a new connection is made. Kind of like a more exciting LinkedIn.

Top of the Hill” is the debut single from Zach Brandon, and also my new favourite. Zach is an artist based in LA who is set to take 2020 by storm with the release of his debut album Sand & Stone, and has certainly made a mark with this first single. With sweet acoustic melodies, harmonious electric licks and some of the most soulful synthesisers around, Zach dazzles the mind with this rather fresh introduction. His upbeat croons compete against moments of hesitation and bring light to an otherwise dark topic. It’s great.

Listen to “Top of the Hill” below and check out Zach Brandon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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