A commercial success and well-received US tour saw Zuli thrusted into a new level of popularity from the release of debut album On Human Freakout Mountain. This platform of recognition provided him with a new responsibility and expectation, which while exciting, can also be quite daunting. On new single “ur mistaken”, Zuli illustrates these feelings in a way that maintains a lot of the reasons why he reached new heights, while also becoming humanised with the crowd.

Written with the perspectives of himself and his loved one in mind, “ur mistaken” offers an intimate look into Zuli’s mind. The moments of vocals and a single synthesiser throws the listener directly to the forefront, able to fully hear Zuli’s lyrics and understand the apprehensive that he’s discovered. Laid back, summer vibes churn out guitar melodies that resonate nicely in the sunshine and there’re plenty of hooks to get stuck in to.

“ur mistaken” is a wonderfully catchy, insightful song and one that gets it’s point across without sacrificing a lot of what made Zuli’s music so accessible. It’s chilled out but full of depth, kinda like a duck in water. Complete composure but utter chaos underneath.  

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