Salt Ashes – ‘Girls’ | Single Review

‘Girls’ is the new single from London’s Salt Ashes. It’s her first single for 2018 and she looks to be steadily teasing a new album to follow on from her 2016 debut Salt Ashes. This song is dead naughty, and I cannot get enough of it.

While it kicks off with a fairly traditional Pop sound, Salt Ashes quickly turns the song on its head with a beat that certainly comes out of left field. Synthesisers steeped in darkness drop a sound that cuts through the atmosphere to create this proper murky groove that sounds great. It’s like if Gary Numan put a pair of heels on and decided to let them strut their stuff, and while that’s an image nobody expected to have today, it still makes perfect sense.

‘Girls’ is a surprising little number from Salt Ashes and one that gets me excited to hear more from her. Hopefully this leads to an album or EP and I shall listen to it with heels on, that’s for sure.

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