LENN – ‘Cheap Talk’ | Song of the Week

‘Cheap Talk’ is the new single from singer-songwriter LENN. It follows from her strong debut single ‘I Know How’ and is described as a ‘euphoric F you to an ex-boyfriend’ which I think is badass. I think all of us as individuals experience heartbreak in some form and feel it’s best to get those feelings out there before it completely envelopes you. I still have things I wish I’d said to an ex-girlfriend and am willing to say them out loud right now. Hey, you, I found it weird that you never showered. There, I said it, I feel free now.

ANYWAY, ‘Cheap Talk’ is an absolute anthem of a track. It’s vast sound is built up of thunderous drums, soaring vocal harmonies and waves upon waves of synthesiser goodness. LENN’s vocals are boosted heavily by her commanding voice which helps tip this track into one that sounds like a true expression of freedom. Finally ridding yourself of pent up thoughts and emotions, and you can really feel everything being let loose throughout. It’s great.

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