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LUCIA burst onto the scene with new single | ‘Small Talk’

‘Small Talk’ is the new single from LUCIA, a four piece band from Glasgow who have also released their new EP of the same name! Speaking of the EP, front woman Lucia Fairfull says: “Over the past year we have been playing shows relentlessly, and developing our sound and we feel that this collection of songs captures every angle of where LUCIA stands right now. It is a journey of young heartbreak and angst, with a blend of everything that inspires in between.”

This is certainly reflected in the title track. The instrumental kicks off with a pummelling guitar riff that immediately sinks into the mind, and blooms into a track full of power and defiance. Pulsating basslines line up nicely with rigid drums to lay down a solid groove throughout, whilst guitars drop the occasional roar of noise in the background. This is all headed up by Lucia’s vocals, which sound somehow more defiant as they drop all sorts of hooks and empowering moments throughout. This is a little belter of a track, and kicks off an EP that also shines bright.

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