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Deep.Sleep tackles important topics on new single | “Drive”

Newcastle’s Deep.Sleep returns with new single “Drive”. It marks a change of pace for the quintet as while they’re trying to showcase a new direction, they’re also looking to highlight underlying issues of mental health within the music industry. It’s not your standard “drugs are bad” / “don’t do drugs” song, it’s a track that wishes to remove the expectation that rockstars are “bound” to die of overdoses due to their lifestyle.

This is tackled expertly in a monologue which sees frontman Dan Frend point out that all reasons start from home, childhood and that we as a society should be doing more than going “oh dear, not another one” when the latest individual joins the 27 club. It’s done in a way that doesn’t come across as preachy, but in a way that it’s buried amongst the Indie sounds and sticks into your head as a solid reminder to re-think things slightly.

“Drive” is a great song from Deep.Sleep that retains a lot of their bouncy, summery sound but straightens itself a little bit to bring a more serious tone for its message. The soaring synths, the simple chorus hook and the constant flurry of guitar melodies makes this a wonderfully idyllic song to listen to, and one that has tons of depth to it too.

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