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Some Good 2019 Albums | Albums Roundup

It’s mad to think we’re heading towards the end of the first quarter of 2019. Nothing triggers an existential crisis more than thinking about how much time has passed since you last said you’d do something. We’re still riding on January’s promise of getting fit, eating clean, progressing in life and well fuck, it’s March. It appears that 2019’s also letting time fly as honestly, there’s not been too many albums released (in our opinion, of course) that have blown our minds. Last year was so fruitful we had to do a couple roundup posts just to retain some sort of relevancy, but this year? Not so much.  

However, in this lack of quality brings about a higher desire to dive a little deeper. This post is a roundup of albums released in the first three months that we’ve stumbled upon or genuinely believe to be a highlight of 2019. Some artists you’ve heard of, others you’ve probably not, all with the ability to add a little touch of album glory to your libraries. Enjoy.


The third album from the London rapper is an absolute belter. On one hand it’s a no thrills album, straight forward and to the point with precise lyricism and direct beats. On the other, it’s a record that blurs the lines delightfully. From the sample-heavy, Looney Tune featuring blast of “Offence”, the jazzy vibes of “Selfish” and the oriental flavour of “101 FM”, GREY Area is flames personified.


Jane’s Party drop their most matured, successful album to date with Casual Island. The fourth album is vibrant with shimmering synths, wonderfully uplifting vibes and hooks that stick in the mind immediately. Its blend of Indie guitars and tropical melodies gives it an edge that stands out from others and it’s an absolute delight to listen to.


Rise Love is the debut album from Berlin-based Eleni Era. Using her skills as a classically-trained pianist and choir leader, Eleni creates a record that sounds so effortless in its execution. Its instrumentals are organic and allowed to flow naturally, often bleeding together ambience with haunting sounds throughout, resulting in some of the most gorgeous sounds we’ve heard this year. It’s easily our go-to album at the moment.


Resisting the urge to quote a particular line from Toy Story every time we see her name, Nina Nesbitt’s second album is a triumphant way to illustrate what has been a career with highs and lows in a short space of time. Much like it’s perfect title, The Sun Will Come Up… celebrates finding your feet and moving forward. Filled with soaring atmospheres bolstered by mammoth synths and Nina’s world-filling voice, this is a record that cannot be ignored.


Four years after the heavy-headed What Went Down comes Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, the new album from Foals. The first half of a double album sees Foals return to their bright and vibrant ways with an album that brings back a lot of elements that made them so accessible. Bubbling melodies lure you in initially, but Foals soon catch you entirely as they envelop the mind with atmospheres that extend far beyond that immediate attraction. Whether it’s the dancefloor anthem “In Degrees” or the throwback vibes of “White Onions”, there’s something for everyone on this new album.


Surfliner emerged from nowhere to drop a debut album that’s equal parts chill and wonderful, arguably our favourite album of the year so far. The lovestruck aches of “Foolish Heart” opens the listener to a world littered with Bluesy, Tom Misch melodies and lyricism that seems awestruck by emotion. Kiska is beautiful, accessible and everything you could ever need from a record.


…just kidding. Teal album’s better.

We hope these albums make their way onto your regular rotation! If you think there are albums we’ve missed then please let us know. We will accept hateful DMs if need be too.

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