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FUKC’s new single takes us on one hell of a ¦ “Ride”

FUKC return with new single “Ride”, which looks to build upon the chaotic sound of the duo’s previous effort “I Wanna Be a Nobody”. Quite frankly, anybody who names their band something that forces the media to say an almost swear word is good is my book. My favourite bands are SITH, MOTHERFATHER and CNUT.

With tinges of the desert kicking up dust in the airwaves, “Ride” is a track that sets off into madness without checking that you’ve put your seatbelt on. A never say die attitude allows the instrumental to loop and spiral through the mind, as the synth beat plays endlessly into the horizon. Hints of disco-drums add some groove to the mix, enveloping the gritty guitars into a rhythm that’s rigid in execution but undeniably ragged at the seams.

“Ride” is a great little number from FUKC. It’s catchy and filled with hooks, but comes with an air of unpredictability that really keeps it exciting. The dual vocal chorus is a nice touch and one that ensures we’ll be left with a great story of our journey.

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