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Jools / “Hysterical Starving Naked”

Three words to describe myself when the delivery takes 10 minutes longer to arrive than predicted. Just kidding, I’d keep my socks on. “Hysterical Starving Naked” is the debut single from Jools, a six-piece act from Leicester that looks to make a hell of an introduction before the year comes to an end.

Jools is a band with numerous opinions surrounding socialism, social media and politics, and they’re not afraid to boldly show it on this debut single. With vocal contributions from various members, “Hysterical Starving Naked” is backed with the perfect instrumentation to accompany those passionate values, as well as the general unease that currently looms over those topics too. Scathing guitars scream into the abyss as if they’re being pulled apart, as heavy feedback rings out into the atmosphere. Pummelling drums force their way through the layers, adding some serious venom to the mix.

You can only make one first impression and I’m impressed. “Hysterical Starving Naked” is a fantastic introduction to Jools and I’m looking forward to hearing what else they’ve got to offer. Now, time to order pizza.

Listen to “Hysterical Starving Naked” below and connect with Jools on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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